Proposed FD590 Deck Profile

Analysis on the decking has been carried out in accordance with AS4600 – Cold Form Steel Structures to determine the nominal section properties based o effective areas of the decking under bending. The properties for the various thicknesses are shown in Table 1, these results were
determined on the assumption that G550 steel would be utilised.

It should be noted that these figures are nominal section properties, are based on assumed thicknesses and the section maintaining its profile under load. Previous work has shown that the effects of span lengths on the stiffness of light gauge composite structural steel formwork are significant. Thus it is imperative that a test program be conducted to verify the actual stiffness of the decking for various lengths and to enable accurate development of spanning tables that fully utilise the decking under various spans.

Nominal Section Properties Table

The properties are based on the proposed dimensions  supplied by Formdeck Australia. To determine the actual properties measurements of the decking profiles as manufactured will need to be measured and testing carried out to verify the stiffness and quantify the span effect on the decking profiles.